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Idly Rice

Idly Rice

Mayil Idly rice is one of the leading registered rice brands in Kerala which is highly recognized for its uniqueness and natural flavor. Kerala’s Idly Rice is highly used for making deliciously steamed idly that is best served with sambar and chutney. Mayil ensures that the quality of rice is retained with traditional aroma.

Idly rice is a single parboiled round white rice, bold and short. This is immensely used for the preparation of delicious, tasty, soft, and fluffy idli, dosa, and other south Indian delicacies. This rice has thrice the normal rice size with higher nutrition and enhanced taste. Idly rice not only becomes soft or mushy easily and stays fresh and white for a longer time.
Idly rice is said to be light as it contains no fat, saturated fat. Mayil Idly Rice is highly recommended as it has a variety of short-grain parboiled rice. Mayil Idly Rice has short to medium grain rice that works best for southern food delicacies.

What makes Mayil Idly rice the best in the country?
Mayil Idly Rice is the best idly rice manufacturers in the country as it meets the safety standard for people and is packed hygienically with no intervention from the human hand. It is pre-processed in order to reduce the soaking time before grinding. This rice is free from impurities such as weevils and small minute pebbles. Mayil Idly rice is a gluten-free product with a major source of energy.
Mayil Rice is considered as the best soft and tasty idly rice exporters that undergoes rigorous and stringent laboratory tests to confirm to the standard rules set by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Mayil Idly Rice meets the requirement of consumers.