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Kottackal Agro Foods

Kottackal Group of Company is in the midst of prime rice growing region of Kerala.

Rich Tradition

At Kottackal Group of Company, our passion for offering a wholesome range of rice, wheat, spices and pickles and other food products has known no boundaries for over 37 glorious years. From our base at Kalady, the birthplace of the sage Sri Sankaracharya, we are involve in the trade and processing of rice, wheat and food products, which is incidentally our traditional family business for generations.

When Mr.K . V . Varghese first established the Kottackal Rice Mill here, it marked the beginning of a new era in rice milling. In this region. When we began to export processed rice in 1991, we were also amongst the foremost. In 1994, our plant was modernized with the induction of world-class state-of-the-art processing plant. The sophisticated technology resulted in an incomparable advancement in quality of our products along with the most stringent hygiene standards. Consequently, the company was re-christened as Kottackal Group of Company.

A modern, efficient management and marketing expertise of Mr.K.V.Anto propel Kottackal Group of Company into new dimensions of exports and customer satisfaction. Today our brand - Mayil encompasses a wide range of superior rice, wheat and processed food products with a reach all over Kerala and exported to the Middle East countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce healthy foods, which are convenient to use, and excellent value for money. They are prepared using the freshest ingredients, straight from farms near our plants and processed straightaway utilizing our special process, which preserves the true taste of the wholly natural ingredients. Our extensive range, which includes rice, wheat powders, spices, masalas, pickles and more are wholesome and nutritious.

Finest Quality

Rice is the world's favorite grain. Its cultivation is intimately entwined in the culture of our land. Rice is an ideal grain a complex carbohydrate source that is low in fat and calories, contributing over 15 essential nutrients to the diet.

Kottackal Group of Company is in the midst of prime rice growing region of Kerala. We have direct access to the best paddy harvested here. The paddy is milled, washed, cleaned, dried and destoned utilizing our fully automatic parboiling, drying and milling machines.

Our Digital Computerized Colour Sorting machine from Japan has 120 channels. It scans each rice grain and discards discolored, broken rice, stones and impurities. Only rice that is completely full-sized, of the same texture and bran is packed. Which is why 'Mayil Sortex Rice' is today a household name in Kerala, and the Middle East.

The Kottackal Group of Company is located close to the banks of the river Periyar. This gives us access to perennial fresh water. Our personnel are trained for achieving the highest standards in product quality during production. Our laboratory conducts extensive checks for particulate contaminants, microbial contamination, fertilizers and pesticide residues. Only on complete satisfaction of their absence will any batch of paddy be processed.

The production process involves removal of stone, dust, sand and all other impurities by cleaning paddy four times. It is then boiled in a highly efficient boiler in steam and later automatically steam dried. Hulling unit consists of paddy cleaner, rubber sheller, paddy separator, corn polisher, whitener silky polisher, and magnet filter. The packing is done using automatic packing machines.

Taste and Purity

Before every batch of rice is released into the market, it is tested at our development kitchen for its gluten, cooking time, taste and quality. Through constant quality checks and strict control over the quality of products on a continuous basis, we have been certified as per ISO 9001 By AQA (American Quality Assessors) in the year 2002.

A testimony to our high quality has been the increasing number of customers buying our products, the marketing reach, widening markets and the brand recognition achieved by our brand "Mayil".

Product Showcase

Under the Mayil Brand, you will find one of the largest variety of rice to suit all tastes. From long grained to traditional short thick brown rice to the tiny jeera rice. Our products ai available in packages of 5 Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg and 75 Kg and special bulk packs for bulk orders.