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Matta Rice Short Grain

Matta Rice Short Grain

Matta Rice
In India, the only state that is famous for its variety of rice cultivation is Kerala. In the same manner, the variety that stands at the top is known for enhancing the cuisine is known as Kerala Matta Rice. This particular variety of rice majorly grows in the fields of Palakkad District in Kerala. Also, the states after Kerala that consume matta rice are Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The other name for this variety of rice is matta rice.
Ingredients and nutrition values:
Matta rice is rich in protien, fibre, vitamins and minerals. It is believed that this product is highly healthy for their bodies. Matta rice has high fiber content and a low glycemic index.
The common advantages of Mayil Matta rice is that it improves cholesterol Levels and is a rich source of vital vitamins.
Mayil brand is one of the best rice exporters that mostly focuses on the finest quality rice, which not only contains ideal grain but acts as a complex carbohydrate source that is low on fat and calories. Also, It contributes over 15 essential nutrients to our daily diet.
We aim to provide a high-quality product to our customers, which directly increases our customer base, market reach, and brand recognition.